EventMatch for Job Seekers

EventMatch connects busy job seekers and hiring organizations across the United States.

You can join an event straight from your phone or computer.

This means no travel is required and that you can join from any location with internet service. Give employers a glimpse into why you are a desirable candidate by uploading your CV or resume. Though you won't be meeting with the recruiter face-to-face, EventMatch gives a personal touch to virtual events by allowing attendees to fill out an event profile that includes a headshot and bio.

If you are attending a virtual event and having technical issues, please visit our FAQ page for Job Seekers:

FAQ for Job Seekers

How it Works.

  • 1.

    Log in to the event.

  • 2.

    Browse booths and click "Enter Booth" on one that interests you.

  • 3.

    Wait in queue until a recruiter is available.

  • 4.

    Chat with the recruiter about the organization and its open positions.

  • 5.

    Once your chat is complete, you can add notes about the conversation, job, or recruiter to review later.

  • 6.

    Start back at step 2 and repeat!