Los Angeles Single Girls

Don't Go Alone
An open free events calendar for Los Angeles. (other cities)

A match making service, matching people and events for the purpose of ride sharing, making friends, and online dating.

  • Maintained by the community.
  • Create different profiles for each event.
  • Add events, even if you don't sponsor them.
  • Search events by time, day, or type of activity.
  • Search for romantic dates or only for friends and rides.
  • Email notification of up coming events.
  • Initiate your first contact with anonymous email.
  • Totally free.

How It Works
Step 1.
Complete the registration form. You provide a screen name that other members will know you by. Then you will fill out a form of personal information. The more information that you give the more likely you will come up in a search.
Step 2.
Search the listed events for something that interest you. When you do, click on the "Contact Member" link, you will get a list of people that are interested in that event. By clicking on the "Personal info" link you will be able to view their profiles. By clicking on the "Contact" link you will be able to use the secure email to send them a message.
Step 3.
If you do not find someone that you are interested in for that event, register your interest by clicking on the "I want to go" link. You then submit a profile specific to that event for others to search. This profile might state why you want to go to this event and what type of person you would like to go with. For example you might want to go to a dance with a different type of person then you would go to a football game with. When you submit a profile for the event, you can also request to notified a day before the event by email.
Step 4.
If you do not find an event you like, then select "Register Event" on the title bar and submit an event you would like to go to. The "Links" page will give you links to online calendars that have events to choose from.

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