13817 Truro Ave.
Hawthorne, California 90250
(310) 679-5738

OBJECTIVE To obtain a situation where I can use my analytical and problem solving skills for an interesting enterprise.
EDUCATION Western Washington University
Bellingham, Washington
B.S. Computer Science
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington

B.S. Biology


UI Design 17 years
C Language 14 years
C++ 4 years
3D Graphics 14 years
UNIX 11 years

HTML 9 years
Webmaster 9 years
Java 3 years
VRML 2 years
Windows 10 years
PHP 5 years
2D Graphics 2 years
JavaScript 3 years
MySQL 2 years

EMPLOYMENT Independent Webmaster 6/99 - present

Active as an artist creating oil paintings. Webmaster for my own data driven artist's site, Also a webmaster for other artist's sites. Created a public service website,, for cancer patients using JavaScript, PHP and MySQL that allows for social networking. Volunteer mediator for the LA City Attorney's office.

Independent Consultant 5/98 – 6/99

Created a Netscape plugin controllable through JavaScript for viewing 3D greeting cards for (Windows, C, Java). Created a portfolio management program entirely in Java. Programmed the Java interface and the rendering engine to the logo creating website Developed the community calendar and dating website using PHP and MySQL.

Micrografx, Senior Scientist 4/96 – 5/98

Developed an application to create 3D Flying Logos over the internet for output in either VRML or GIF format (Windows, C, CGI, Java). Supported my legacy code bought by this company.

Visual Software, Co-Founder 4/90 – 4/96

Designed and developed our main products, Renderize and Simply 3D. Both are advanced animation, modeling and rendering packages. Development was simultaneously done with Microsoft Visual C++ and Unix based gcc.

Rhythm and Hues, Co-Founder 3/87 – 4/90

Wrote this company’s interactive 3D polygonal modeler and key frame animation system used in their Academy Award winning productions (Silicon Graphics, Unix, C).


Abel Image Research, Software Designer 9/85 – 2/87

Designed an interactive 3D character animation system, which included an inverse kinematics module. Supported device interfaces for their animation and modeling software (Silicon Graphics, UNIX, C).


Hughes Aircraft Company, MTS Software Engineer 1/85 – 9/85

Wrote the real-time interface and graphics program for a helicopter flight simulator, including scene development and graphic toolboxes (UNIX, C).

Evans and Sutherland, Software Engineer 2/83 – 1/85

Wrote the graphics interface and special effects for the F15 flight simulator (C).