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NEWS: I fixed the problem with some fonts not working.

This site will allow you to create your own free clipart or animated gif text buttons like the ones you see on this page.

You are guided through the process by a simple wizard. Click on the Make Logo button to get started.

Animated Clipart

You get two clip art images with every 3D animation. One is the animated gif and the other is the first frame of the animation as a gif. This allows you to create roll-over buttons. Or you can use a looping image to add energy to your page. You can also request to have the animations in either VRML or AVI format. The images can be downloaded directly after they are made with a right mouse click on them. I ask that if you use the animation on your site that you donate to me via PayPal.

3D Graphics Rendering

The wizard guides you through the process of selecting the options that make up your custom clipart text button. Then I use your selections to create the 3D models and the animation sequences. Finally, the animated GIF is rendered with state-of-the-art rendering software, much like what is used by the movie production studios. I have been writing this type of software since 1982 and was a co-founder of the production studio Rhythm and Hues, where I wrote their original proprietary modeling and animation software. This quality of software could cost you thousands of dollars to own, and the best part is that I do the work for you for free.

Online ordering

For clip art buttons or small animated logos I only ask a voluntary $5 donation. If you have a large logo, like the one on my title page I request $25. If you need customization, there is a minimum charge of $100. You will be give a form to request a customization on the last page of the wizard.

This website and the underlining software is for sale.



Last Updated: July 29, 2008