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I have been involved in 3D animation since 1982 when I went to work for one of the premier 3D graphics companies, Evans and Sutherland. I programmed the special effects and real-time controls for their F15 flight simulator. The graphics engine was a 4 million dollar computer that was mostly hand made and was the size of a small room. Of course, now you could do it all on a pc.

From there I went to work in Hollywood. I worked on creating software that would allow animators to create life-like motions for 3D characters. Again, this was leading edge work for the top computer effects house at the time, Abel Image Research. At this point, I became a founding member of Rhythm and Hues Studios, which won an Academy Award for the motion picture 'Babe'. I wrote their original proprietary modeling and animation system.

I left Hollywood to create retail versions of this software. I also developed a film quality rendering module for this software. It incorporates both a scanline renderer for speed and a material selectable raytracer for special effects. It was used by architects for sample rendering and walk-throughs. The software was finally made available at low cost to hobbits.

Currently I am semi-retired. I quit my career, but still enjoy working and like variety. Here are a few things I have been doing recently.

  • Painting portaits and reproducts of Master Painters. Visit my site at WutsArt.com
  • Maintaining a free community events calendar website. LAEventMatch.com
  • Mediating at the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office. It is meaningful work and develops my negotiating skills.
  • Assisting at the Los Angeles Free Clinic's Acupuncture program. This keeps me involved with patients.
  • Boat building. Doing this, I am near the water, which I love. Check out WWW.BrigantineBoatWorks.com
  • Wood work. From fences to custom furniture, I will make it out of wood. I love to work with my hands and it provides a service to people who can not do it themselves.
  • Nutritional advisor and medical coaching. Uses my education in biology and biochemistry and my research into alternative medicine. A true passion of mine.
  • Website design and maintenance. Keeps me on the cutting edge. See my services page.



Last Updated: July 29, 2008